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New York

New York is the world's most populous city and is also center to New York metropolitan, which also happens to host the largest numbers of urban population. As a trend setting global city, it also exerts strong influence over world-wide fashion, food, entertainment and culture.

The food culture of New York restaurants is very diverse and greatly influenced by the large number of immigrants and dining patrons. Some Italian and Eastern European immigrants have made the city renowned for cheesecakes, New York Pizzas and bagels. There are around 4000 registered and licensed mobile food vendors in the city. Indian and Middle eastern foods like kebabs and felafels are also well liked here and is now a part of Newy York street food, although pretzels and hot dogs are still the best selling street food here.

The city is host to some of the best haute-cuisine restaurants in America. Some of the world's top cuisines find a place here, examples include English, Indian, Chinese, Russian and Japanese cuisines apart from vast varieties of indigenous cuisines.

New York is home to some of the finest restaurants and you will be spoilt for choices. Typical recommendations include Kosher restaurant that is host to some of the finest red meat in the country. You could also try out some Indian and Pakistani restaurants like "Bombay Palace" and "Malika Exclusive Indian Restaurant" that feature the award winning Hala/Zabihah menu. You can find some top class traditional Indian dishes like Chicken Tikka Masala, Bengan Baratha, Rhuwana Gosh amongst others, names that are tongue twisters for the average American, no doubt, but delicious too.

You could also try out Live Garden Restaurant that is one of the famous Italian restaurants in New York or perhaps check out Mexican restaurants like Maui Tacos that serve yummy Mexican delicacies like burrito and nachos.

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